PAX Aus 2016: Avatar Customisation: THE GAME @ GameSpot Theatre

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PAX Aus 2016: Avatar Customisation: THE GAME @ GameSpot Theatre

PAX Aus 2016 is happening in Melbourne, Australia and GameSpot has curated a theatre full of entertaining and informative panels which you can see live right here! [Full schedule below, times in AEST]

12:00pm – 1:00pm: The Medical MythBusters Take On Games!

Have you ever wondered what would really happen if Mario ate every mushroom he came across? Or if you jumped off a 200ft building Assassin’s Creed style? Don’t even get us started on Surgeon Simulator.

Join a team of actual doctors as they explore the medical madness that occurs in video games. From Kirby to Kratos, we’ll find out what would really happen to our favourite game heroes if they were subject to our pesky human limitations.

Dr Jennifer Hazel [Doctor, CheckPoint]
Dr Nadia Kausae [Doctor, Doctor]
Dr Andy Huang [Doctor, Doctor], Dr Anna Quirk [Doctor, Doctor]
Dr Shelley Xia [Doctor, Doctor]

1:30pm – 2:30pm: The CCCP: Character Concept Creation Panel

A character artist, a writer, a designer, a voice actor—how do these workers unite to create memorable game characters? Some of the gaming industry’s leading professionals talk about what goes into bringing a character to life, and what’s more, with your help, they’re going to try to make one in an hour.

Luke Lancaster [Associate Editor, CNET]
Leonie Yue [(Illustrator, Mighty Games]
Georgia Van Cuylenburg [Voice Actor, Starbreeze Studios]
Trent Kusters [Director & Co-Founder, League of Geeks]
Davey Wreden [Designer, Galactic Cafe]

3:00pm – 4:00pm: Avatar Customisation: The Game!

Sometimes just making characters is the best part of a game. We discuss what we love and hate about character customisation. When do games get it wrong? When do they get it just right? Why do we love tweaking characters to within an inch of never actually starting the game itself? We discuss as Big Head Mode’s Ben and Carlo recreate audience suggestions using avatar creation tools from games you love!

Jess McDonell [Producer, GameSpot]
Ben O’Brien [Comedian and Host, Big Head Mode]
Carlo Ritchie [Comedian and Host, Big Head Mode]
Emilie Poissenot [Co-Director, Burning Glass Creative]

4:30pm – 5:30pm: X-wings and TIE-ins

A brief history of very bad (and some not so bad) Star Wars games. If the prequels taught us anything, it’s that the thing you love will bring you nothing but pain, disappointment and very outdated computer graphics. So it goes for the dozens of Star Wars licensed games to have graced our screens. A group of lifelong Star Wars fans relive some of the lowest points with game footage, trailers and nostalgic defence of bad opinions.

Luke Lancaster [Associate Editor, CNET]
Alanah Pearce [Editor, IGN]
Dan Crowd [Producer, GameSpot]
Nic Healy [Presenter, 2ser]

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