Conceding with Dignity: VICE News Tonight (Full Segment)

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Conceding with Dignity: VICE News Tonight (Full Segment)

This segment originally aired Nov. 8, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

After every U.S. presidential election since the Civil War, the transition of power from one administration to the next has been peaceful. The losing candidate, while disappointed, exhausted, even embittered, has demonstrated dignity in defeat and conceded to the president-elect.

While there’s no legal requirement that the loser concede defeat, it’s tradition for the defeated candidate to unofficially legitimize the results through a concession speech.

The speech, a literary genre unto itself, serves three purposes: to give the defeated candidate one last chance to offer a vision for the country, to secure a place in history, and to begin the process of uniting an electorate divided by the electoral process.

VICE talked to speech writers tasked with writing concession speeches for previous elections.

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