We have some NEWS…..

What do you think this We have some NEWS….. video? Be sure to check back regularly for videos about fresh water and salt water fishing.

We have some NEWS.....

So we’ve decided to bring out a FREE bi-monthly digital fishing magazine called "The Awesome Angler". Much like TAFishing, it focuses on the all-round fisherman and will have articles on Sea Fishing, Coarse Fishing, Fly Fishing and much more and better still, it’s FREE!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: www.awesomeangler.co.uk

TEMPORARY DOWNLOAD LINK: ***If this link doesn’t work, here is a temporary link to the PDF Magazine – www.mediafire.com/file/64ql4l0jka41o4z/Issue_1_-_The_Awesome_Angler.pdf

Awesome Angler Instagram: www.instagram.com/awesomeangler/

Awesome Angler Facebook: www.facebook.com/awesomeangler

We really hope you enjoy reading the bi-monthly mag, please share it with your fishing buddies to help it grow. Thanks so much for hitting that subscribe button and watching our vids!


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