Catch & Cook Kayak Adventure Bass Cod Andy's Fish Curry Recipe EP.353

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Catch & Cook Kayak Adventure Bass Cod Andy's Fish Curry Recipe EP.353

A great catch and cook Bass, Catfish and Cod fishing adventure video made by Andy from Andy’s fishing.
Clint and AndyI head south to fish for the Australian Bass in some of Australia’s premiere Bass fishing waters. These rivers are the Clarence, Mann and Nymboida.
Usually crystal clear and full of hungry Bass, Clint and I struggled to catch our Bass but instead caught many Eastern Cod that are in fact a protected species. You are not allowed to target these fish, but with the Bass not biting the Cod where hard to avoid.
Clint fished out of a Kayak aptly named a Bass Australis and AndyI fished out of a Canoe called an Old Town, which is most excellent for all my fishing equipment and camera gear.
AndyI used the Samaki Zing rod in a 4-10 pound that was of a 5 foot 4 inch length or 5”4.
The reel used was a new not even on the market Ecooda Black Hawk II 2000 model paired with Ecooda 20 pound braid. Mostly we used Spinner Bait lures or spinnerbait lures as some people would write.
I did mange to catch a nice Catfish and show you how to Catch & Cook it in this episode.
The catch n cook section of this video is a very simple recipe of Catfish filleted and cubed, cooked in a simple curry and coconut creme sauce with some green beans chopped up as well. As fast as any Jamie Oliver’s 10 or 15 minute meals.
As part of the preparation I show you how to fillet the Catfish and prepare the meat ready for cooking. This is a very tasty recipe that only takes 4 ingredients to make in true catch n cook style.


1 Catfish (or any other fish)
1 Can of Coconut creme or milk
1 Tbsp Curry paste (your choice)
40 Green Beans Chopped ( or any veggies)

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