'In the Zone' with Chris Broussard Podcast: Lonzo and LaVar Ball (Full Interview) – Episode 12 | FS1

What do you think this 'In the Zone' with Chris Broussard Podcast: Lonzo and LaVar Ball (Full Interview) – Episode 12 | FS1 video?

'In the Zone' with Chris Broussard Podcast: Lonzo and LaVar Ball (Full Interview) - Episode 12 | FS1

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Topics include:
0:00 – 1:19 What is Lonzo really like? Is Lonzo enjoying all the media attention?
1:20 – 2:03 Does Lonzo rap?
2:04 – 2:51 Who are Lonzo’s influences in rap? Top five dead or alive?
2:52 – 3:46 How did Lonzo get his shot?
3:47 – 4:24 Does he get challenged because he’s light skinned?
4:25 – 4:48 Have people used his dad’s comments against him?
4:49 – 5:29 Can your dad beat Michael Jordan one on one? Can he beat his dad one on one?
5:30 – 5:47 The time his brother LaMelo crossed him up.
5:48 – 6:04 What will be Lonzo’s toughest challenge in the NBA?
6:05 – 6:23 What team would he like to play for?
6:24 – 6:25 If he joins the Lakers, would they make the playoffs?
6:32 – 7:00 Why is he better than Markelle Fultz?
7:01 – 7:42 Who was Lonzo’s favorite player growing up? What will it be like playing against him?
7:43 – 7:59 How long until you make an All-Star team?
8:00 – 9:12 What do you like about Lebron James? What can you learn from him?
9:13 – 9:47 What would his ideal stat line be?
9:48 -10:40 How he played at Chino Hill
10:41 – 11:07 Do you feel the pressure from being a top player?
11:08 – 11:32 What’s the ideal Lonzo Ball commercial?
11:33 – 12:05 Have you met any rappers or celebrities?
12:06 -12:11 What advice did Kobe give Lonzo?
12:12 –12:40 How will his game change in the NBA?
12:41 – 13:08 Will Lonzo sign with an agent? Will he have his own shoe?
13:09 – 13:35 What’s Lonzo’s favorite sneaker?
13:36 – 13:50 How will his brother Gelo fit in on UCLA?
13:51 – 14:22 How did his mom’s health affect his NCAA game?
14:23 – 14:56 Does he know Markelle Fultz? Are players too friendly?
14:57 – 15:04 Intro LaVar Ball
15:05 – 15:30 Who is the G.O.A.T?
15:31 – 15:43 Who’s winning it this year?
15:44 – 15:59 Will Lonzo rest in the league?
16:00 – 17:11 How much was LaVar involved with at UCLA?
17:12 – 18:42 If Gelo isn’t starting at UCLA next year, will LaVar get involved?
18:43 – 20:29 Will LaVar get involved in the team that drafts Lonzo?

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