1,800-Mile Beater Rally! – Roadkill Ep. 63

What do you think this 1,800-Mile Beater Rally! – Roadkill Ep. 63 video?

1,800-Mile Beater Rally! - Roadkill Ep. 63

The 24 Hours of LeMons people have a new rally series, and Roadkill powered by Dodge and sponsored by Optima Batteries, Jegs, Lincoln Tech, EBC Brakes, Pioneer, CRC Auto, and Cooper Tires, is down! Instead of the normal LeMons endurance races for dirt-cheap cars, the LeMons Rally is a road rally — a time/distance challenge with ridiculous sights and contests along the way. In this episode, Roadkill signs up for the LeMons Retreat From Moscow event, an 1,800-mile trip from Moscow, Pennsylvania, to Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. The guys fly into town, buy a 1978 Lincoln Continental that’s been shortened from a four-door to a two-door (and formerly driven by an Elvis impersonator), and hit the snowy roadsβ€”with the expected Roadkill breakdowns, waffle wars, and off-road thrashing along the way.

To order parts used on this episode visit www.jegs.com/roadkill
Part# 764-40140 – Ground Strap ENG/BODY
Part# 764-50005 – Wire Harness Race Car 11Cir

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