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This compilation includes the ultimate epic fails and funny comedy REDNECK fails from the mattv2099 guns and food operations. This is the ultimate REDNECK social experiment where I pretend to be a REDNECK scientist and wait for the haters to hate. Most people don’t understand that youtube is not stupid home videos. The channels that get views are primarily actors who produce funny content on purpose. These operations are performed safely while observing the basic rules of firearms safety . Sit back and relax and laugh your ass off or become super offended. keep coming back for more as I will be making more videos in this series because I have a ton of unused video and alternative angles. Thank you for watching. The name of this video is: “WORLDS DUMBEST REDNECK GUN FAILS!”

This collection of epic gun fails is the most outrageous Highlights and alternative footage that I have collected in the last yea of producing youtube videos. This video is intended as comedy and entertainment. These clips are performed safely while observing the basic rules of firearms. They are created intentionally to look crazy and dangerous. Keep in mind that detonating low caliber ammo outside of the chamber of a firearm is not as dangerous as one would think. Without a chamber and barrel there is no way to focus the expanding gasses behind the bullet, therefore in the case of this video the bullets plop out of the shell casing harmlessly. The effect is like a weak firecracker. keep coming back for more as I will be making more videos in this series.

These videos were designed to make you laugh and smile or shock you into calling me a moron. My motto is: Funny, stupid or educational. Well this is where the funniest and stupidest videos live. Intended as a fun hobby the majority of my youtube creations have bee inspired to be funny or stupid. Most notably are the World’s Most Outrageous Gun Fails series. In this series I am simply using extra footage or highlights to optimize the funny and stupid element. These are the videos that have the potential to reach the most viewers possible. My most viewed video “600 round assault clip” has even been reported in a South Korean newspaper. Inspired by Time Magazines inaccurate reporting of the existence of 600 round magazines the video has almost three million views! Thanks for watching!

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Mattv2099 is a highly trained, lifelong target shooter. Mattv2099 follows the four rules of firearm safety. All operations that are conducted and uploaded to YouTube are entirely safe. These videos are highly edited. The videos show the comedic and entertaining highlights of painstakingly slow and safe shooting operations. The safety stuff is edited out because that is not fun or interesting to watch. Mattv2099 has advisors which include shooting instructors. These advisors will critique Mattv2099’s videos and let him know if and when he legitimately does something that is unsafe. Mattv2099 shoots safely but says stupid stuff in order to evoke an emotional response and thus get views on YouTube. Mattv2099’s videos are monetized via Google Adsense. Thanks for watching.

“Many firearms, including Glocks, are designed to be carried loaded with a round in the chamber. Unless the trigger is pulled, requiring a rather intentional effort with a Glock, they are completely safe. This was a goofy, pointless experiment, but his allegations that this was dangerous were invalid. If you mess with the trigger in some way, then yes. With an unmolested trigger, it really doesn’t matter what you do with the gun, loaded or not, perhaps aside from tossing it in the fireplace. They don’t discharge without pulling the trigger, ever, period. I’ve carried loaded and chambered Sigs and Glocks for decades. They’re totally safe. If someone is unable to NOT pull the trigger, they might be the kind of individual who should put their car in park and shut off the engine to avoid flooring the gas pedal at red lights, careening into oncoming traffic! This is probably not the type of person who should own firearms!”

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