IT’S LEGAL! Draco Pistol With Arm Brace

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IT'S LEGAL! Draco Pistol With Arm Brace

This is the Draco AK pistol. Via YouTube Channel Twangnbang: “The ATF released a letter sent to SB Tactical, inventors of the Stabilizing Brace, appearing to reverse their previous opinion that shouldering a Stabilizing Brace “redesigns” it as a stock. In this video, Mattv2099 skillfully operates the AK-47 hand gun with SB47 arm brace. Watch this masterful tutorial and embrace the tactics you find within it. In Memory Of Mikhail Kalashnikov Filmed with the Sony HD AVCHD Camcorder; HDR-CX190. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. “It’s Legal! Draco Pistol With Arm Brace”

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In honor of Mikhail Kalashnikov we pour vodka on our Draco AK Pistol and burn through a bunch of ammo. An appropriate memorial service for a great man, inventor and operating engineer.

From Wikipedia
Kalashnikov was, according to himself, a self-taught tinkerer who combined innate mechanical skills with the study of weaponry to design arms that achieved battlefield ubiquity. Even though Kalashnikov felt sorrow at the weapons’ uncontrolled distribution, he took pride in his inventions and in their reputation for reliability, emphasizing that his rifle is “a weapon of defense” and “not a weapon for offense”.

The AK-47 is a legendary Machine. Capable of operating in environments that would destroy other firearms. Mattv2099 has subjected his AK to a variety of harsh experiments in the last two years. From food torture tests and product reviews to weird scientific experiments and life hacks. I cover everything AK related included how to clean your AK quickly (in the car wash), how many twinkies you can stuff inside an AK and even shooting AK’s without necessary components. I also publish AK47 videos on my second channel named “MatthewjamesBeast.” Thank you for watching!

Автомат Калашникова Заполненный пончик . Будет ли это работать ? это в конечном итоге надежность работы. и один в длинном ряду таких испытаний, проведенных на этом канале. Спасибо за просмотр.

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Mattv2099 is a highly trained, lifelong target shooter. Mattv2099 follows the four rules of firearm safety. All operations that are conducted and uploaded to YouTube are entirely safe. These videos are highly edited. The videos show the comedic and entertaining highlights of painstakingly slow and safe shooting operations. The safety stuff is edited out because that is not fun or interesting to watch. Mattv2099 has advisors which include shooting instructors. These advisors will critique Mattv2099’s videos and let him know if and when he legitimately does something that is unsafe. Mattv2099 shoots safely but says stupid stuff in order to evoke an emotional response and thus get views on YouTube. Mattv2099’s videos are monetized via Google Adsense. Thanks for watching.

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