Ferreting for Rabbits with Steve Wild

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Ferreting for Rabbits with Steve Wild

Today on Realtree Global Hunting, we are ferreting for rabbits with Steve Wild.

Ferreting has been a popular pest control method for decades. It is a craft that is often past down throughout generations and is a highly effective approach to controlling rabbit populations.

The purpose of the ferret is to enter a hole and drive the rabbit towards a purse net. Once the rabbit is caught in the net it can be humanely dispatched.

Lurchers can be a massive help when out ferreting. If the rabbit is able to escape through an undiscovered hole the Lurcher can track them. Birds’ of prey such as hawks have also been traditionally used to help retrieve rabbits.

The technique to ferreting hasn’t changed since the 12th century. But, some aspects have been developed. Most modern ferreters use an electric locating device that is paired with a locator collar worn by the ferrets. When the ferrets are nearby the device will emit a noise, allowing the handlers to know their location.

Ferreting is an age-old form of hunting that can be very rewarding and fun. Preparation is vital to the success of any ferret outing; Breeding and training are elements that need to be considered carefully. If done successfully, you will have many years of positive ferreting adventures.

How will Steve get on during a trip down memory lane, watch the video now to find out…

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