2017 The Bachelorette Cast Preview & Fantasy Bachelorette Scoring

What do you think this 2017 The Bachelorette Cast Preview & Fantasy Bachelorette Scoring video?

2017 The Bachelorette Cast Preview & Fantasy Bachelorette Scoring

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Pat Mayo & Ashley Docking preview the cast for the new season of The Bachelorette. They go through every profile of Rachel’s choices and explain how and where you can play the Fantasy Game this season.


1:36 Rachel
6:19 Adam
11:40 Alex
17:13 Anthony
23:12 Blake E.
26:09 Blake K.
29:27 Brady
32:21 Bryan
35:06 Bryce
39:22 Dean
43:04 DeMario
45:25 Diggy
49:16 Eric
54:40 Fred
57:48 Grant
1:00:49 Jack Stone
1:05:52 Iggy
1:07:37 Jonathan
1:08:44 Kenny
1:11:30 Josiah
1:14:27 Jamey
1:18:25 Jedidiah
1:20:31 Michael
1:21:51 Matt
1:22:56 Lucas
1:25:39 Lee
1:27:13 Kyle
1:30:04 Mohit
1:32:28 Peter
1:33:33 Rob
1:37:01 Will

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