Junkyard Turbo 5.0 Power for the Rotsun! – Roadkill Ep. 64

What do you think this Junkyard Turbo 5.0 Power for the Rotsun! – Roadkill Ep. 64 video?

Junkyard Turbo 5.0 Power for the Rotsun! - Roadkill Ep. 64

Roadkill is powered by Dodge, but on this episode, the world’s most revered rust bucket gets powered by a used Ford 5.0L Mustang V-8 with a Power Stroke diesel turbo! Our old 1971 Datsun 240Z earned its fame with a junkyard turbo on a Chevy 4.3L, but that V-6 finally failed us for the last time and we kicked it to the curb because the crankshaft broke in two during the 24 Hours of LeMons race on Episode 42. We heard Ford 5.0L V-8 blocks break in half at 500 hp, and what better vehicle to test that theory than the Rotsun? We scored a beat-up Fox-body Mustang for $1,500 and threw the engine and trans into the Rotsun, along with the ol’ used turbo that was made for a Ford Power Stroke diesel truck. But the big question is: Will the Rotsun finally fail to fail? Find out on this episode of Roadkill.

To order parts used on this episode visit www.jegs.com/roadkill
JEGS Performance Products 41260 – Part Number: 555-41260
JEGS Performance Products 1113 – Part Number: 555-1113
Pro Series Differential GM 8.875″ Car 1964-72 (3-Series Case, ” C” Clip) – Part Number: 109-542033
Boost/Vacuum 2” Diameter – Part Number: 390-8257
GM 12 Bolt Ring & Pinion Gear Set Ratio: 3.42 – Part Number: 836-49-0113-1
Differential Mega Kit 8.875″ 12 Bolt – Part Number: 836-83-1019-M
10SI Internally Regulated Alternator 85 Amp – Part Number: 713-7127
Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. Tire 27.0″ x 11.50″ – 15” LT – Part Number: 522-17510QTP
MSD Digital 6-Series Ignition Control Box & USB Adapter – Part Number: 121-6530K1
Holley Black Pro Series Pressure Electric Fuel Pump – Part Number: 510-12-815-1
Optima YellowTop Deep-Cycle Battery 12 Volts – Part Number: 753-9014-045
Gibson “Muffler With Attitude” 3″ exhaust tubing – Part Number: 462-BM0102

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