Catch Cook Chilli Lime Fish on the fire EP.358

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Catch Cook Chilli Lime Fish on the fire EP.358

Andy heads out in the saltwater to catch his dinner. Fishing with spin rods namely Samaki Zing rods and a Fin-nor reel as well as a Ecooda Blackhawk 2 reel. He fishes in slaty estuaries for fish like Barramundi also know as Barra, Mangrove Jack, Salmon or also called Thredfin. Then he catches a fish called a Grunter and decides to eat that. The meal is prepared over an open fire and cooked in aluminium foil with lime, garlic, coconut cream and chilli. A delicious dinner that tastes and smalls a to like Thai green curry. This is a non stop action catch and cook video, with a delicious bit of food right at the end.

Sunglasses By MAKO

Computer & Editing

• Computer-Apple Mac Pro 2013-

• Editing Suite-Final Cut Pro X (FCPx)-

Camera’s used:

• Main camera-Gopro Hero 3-

• Underwater Camera-Gopro Hero 3-

• Zoom Camera-Panasonic HCV700-

• Drone Camera-Phantom 3 Standard-


• Hull-Goldrush Aggressor 5.6m-

• Motor-Yamaha F60-

• Sounder-Hummingbird 798csi-

Canoe & Kayak:

Wheels by Wheeleez AU- USA-

Canoe-Old Town Discovery119-

• Kayak-Australia Bass-

Rods n Reels:

• Rod-Samaki Zing 5’4″ 4-10lb SZG-541SL-

• Reel-Ecooda Blackhawk2 2000-

• Reel-Finnor Rampage 2000-

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise SS-681-1 (120g)-

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise 53S-500 (500g)-

• Jigging Reel-Finnor Lethal LT100-

• Fly rod-Gavin Hurley #9 Saltwater Guide Series-

• Fly Reel-Gavin Hurley #8/9 Saltwater Series-

• Fly Line-Rio Tropical Clear Tip-

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Sound tracks made using Garageband. Some video’s are also made using Youtube’s Free Audio Library as the soundtrack.

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