Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO)

What do you think this Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO) video?

Building Saudi Arabia's First Movie Theatre (HBO)

There are no movie theaters in Saudi but there is strong content being created by Saudis in the underground filmmaking scene. The challenges Saudi artists face, instead of lessening the quality of their work, actually add layers, nuance and creativity to their work and it makes them adept at polite subversion and they know how to challenge the system internally.

VICE News follows Ali Al Kalthami a young Saudi filmmaker as he works on his next project in his hometown of Riyadh for his film company Telfaz11.

We also speak to Shihab Jamjoom, former deputy Minister at the Ministry of Information and owner of a massive Arabic-language cartoon company, Spacetoon about why having Youtube Saudi stars is not enough. He tells us why Saudi needs a real movie industry for people like Ali to prosper.

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