This One Factor Will Guarantee You’ll See More Bucks

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This One Factor Will Guarantee You'll See More Bucks With good reason, big buck hunting tactics often focus on the whitetail behavior of the male half of the species. There’s nothing wrong with that, but whitetail biology demands that it takes two to tango. That’s why in addition to food and security, the best big buck hunting strategies must also factor in whitetail does. If you can keep the does around, chances are you can also hold the bucks.

That means keeping an eye on the buck-to-doe ratio of your plot’s herd. Many hunters mistakenly think that as a rule there will always be more does than bucks. However, does and bucks are born at almost equal rates. The difference is that bucks are more wary.

Your job is to create a deer management plan that keeps this ratio in check. The best way to know whether it’s time to kill bucks or does is through scouting. Deer habitat can tell you almost everything you need to know.

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Season 2017, Episode 8

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