6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog!

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6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog!

6 Mind Blowing Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog!
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Number 1: Sonic’s First Appearance Wasn’t In His Own Game
That’s right, in Sega’s arcade game Rad Mobile, a game where you drove a super fast car avoiding traffic and dodging the police, Sonic first appeared as the car’s air freshener just two months before the release of the first game!

Number 2: If You Stand Around Long Enough, He’ll Kill Himself
Okay, so it’s not what you think, so let me explain. In any of the levels within Sonic CD, if you wait around long enough, Sonic will start tapping his foot as usual – only he eventually leaps off the world map into the abyss below, killing himself.

Number 3: “Se-gaaa” Took Up One Eighth Of The Whole Cartridge
Because cartridges were only half a MB big and the game’s usually clocked in at 300KB, the infamous, Se-gaaa image and sound, takes up a third of sonic’s entire first adventure.

Number 4: Sonic’s Look Inspired by Mickey to Michael Jackson
Sonic’s creator Naoto Ohshima, reportedly combined Felix the Cat’s head with Mickey Mouse’s body for the hedgehog’s initial form. And the red sneakers? Taken straight from Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ music video.

Number 5: Sonic Was Originally Called Mr. Needlemouse
The developed name for Sonic was, in fact, “Mr. Needlemouse”, which is the Japanese translation of the word “hedgehog”. Years later, SEGA would revive the name in the form of “Project Needlemouse”, the code name for Sonic 4 during its development in 2010.

Number 6: Sonic Was Actually A Rabbit
When SEGA held an internal competition to come up with its new mascot – an attempt of taking over the mighty plumber we all know and love – one of the favored suggestions was a rabbit that would pick up objects with its long ears and throw them at enemies.

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Name: Sonic The Hedgehog
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega

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