AI Is Beating Humanity At It’s Own Games (HBO)

What do you think this AI Is Beating Humanity At It’s Own Games (HBO) video?

AI Is Beating Humanity At It's Own Games (HBO)

Go is an ancient, aristocratic Chinese board game that’s reputed to have as many possible moves as there are atoms in the universe. And Google recently trained an artificial intelligence computer to play against one of the best human players in the world. The computer won.

At Google’s Future of Go Summit, 19-year-old Chinese Go prodigy Ke Jie was defeated by the AI AlphaGo in a three-match series.

AI evangelists are happy with the win, but AI doomsayers are worried it’s coming for our jobs next. And China is just mad that an American company beat the world at a Chinese game.

VICE News reports on what the competition really means for AI development.

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