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Two teams of 6 battle it out against each other, attempting to escort or prevent a payload reaching a destination, with characters ranging from ninjas to robots, are all things you already know about Overwatch, but how about 7 mind blowing facts you probably didn’t know.

#1 Upon the release of Overwatch, 7,000 voice lines were recorded
These 7000 lines were then translated into 12 languages equaling 84,000 lines in total. If an average feature film script is 150 pages long with around 50 lines per page, we are talking 7,500 lines, so 84,000 lines, that’s about 11 movies.

#2 Tracer was first designed as a male character
Cheers love, the calvary is here, how’s that? At first the concept of Tracer was a male character but once the Overwatch team got together, a well thorough back-strory was given to Tracer which helped design the character as players recognize her now. Tracer was the first character in Overwatch to be fully developed, becoming the cover of the game box.

#3 Overwatch’s Beta made history
In just seven days, over 9.7 million players joined the fight on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, making it the largest and most successful beta that Blizzard has ever had. Over 190 countries joined the fight, playing over 4.9 billion minutes and completing over 37 million matches. 9.7 million people, that is more than 450 SOLD OUT Madison Square Gardens, and if we are talking money, if every player just gave up $1, that’s close to 1,500,000 chicken bowls at chipotle. Overwatch is one of the most played games in history. Gamers racked up 119 million hours of playing time during the first week of its release alone.

#4 Overwatch took over the Adult Film Industry
Like any game company, trying to keep their name clean, Blizzard was very upset about the amount of Overwatch adult content on the Internet and its popularity. Overwatch actually made the top 20 most searched terms for a popular adult site in 2016. Blizzard first responded by taking down several of the more popular videos but since this is the Internet, the videos were obviously re-uploaded and Blizzard surrendered to the battle.

#5 Widowmaker’s skin and model errors
Widowmaker worked for a mercenary group called Talon who altered her physiology, slowing her heart rate and causing her skin to cool, which is why she is purple.
Widowmaker also had a “model error” that increased the size of her butt once her ultimate ability was activated.

#6 Lucio and D. Va are celebrities in the Overwatch universe
That’s right, in the Overwatch universe Lucio is a famous Brazilian DJ, and D. Va, a Korean Starcraft player. When in a match, there is a chance these characters will ask to exchange autographs.

#7 Pharah was the Rocket Queen
During the development of Overwatch, many changes were made as far as character names. Pharah, a flying champion who shoots rockets out of a rocket launcher, was originally named Rocket Queen. Blizzard took a more direct approach and simply named her this.

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Name: Overwatch
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, Xbox 1, PC
Release Date: May 24, 2016

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