Life After Steel in the UK’s Most Polluted Town: Rule Britannia

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Life After Steel in the UK's Most Polluted Town: Rule Britannia

In March 2016 the steelworks in Port Talbot, South Wales, were threatened with closure. 700 people were made immediately redundant and reports suggested another 15,000 jobs, in a town of just 45,000, could be affected. Port Talbot was set to become a ghost town.

In the midst of the uncertainty and limbo, a father of four Nigel Hunt – who had already lost his steelworker job of 10 years – begins building a new future with a colourful start-up business, in the most polluted city in the UK. With no investment, or disposable income, the stakes are high but some unexpected turns lead Nigel to a new path, away from the fire and furnace, which he never could have dreamed of.

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