Could Mario Survive in GTA V?

What do you think this Could Mario Survive in GTA V? video?

Could Mario Survive in GTA V?

Could Mario Survive in GTA V? Let us know what you think in the comments!

When we hear the words Super Mario, we think of innocence. A small Italian plumber just trying to find the princess, who just so happens to be the love of his life. When we hear the words Grand Theft Auto, we think of a couple things. Killing, violence, drug-abuse, and more killing. Now with those two opposing WORLDS in mind, how would they do combined? If we threw Mario in Grand Theft Auto V, could he survive? Lets look at the pros and cons and decide.

First the pros:
Cappy. Based on the brand new feature “Cappy” in the new game, Super Mario Odyssey, which allows Mario to become objects that he throws his cap at, we feel could help Mario out, drastically. In any scenario where he is being chased by the police, Mario could just throw Cappy at an officer and become them, evading easily.

Kill Record. Contrary to popular belief, Mario isn’t so pure as we all think. Mario technically has killed thousands of innocent creatures, giving him a slight mental advantage in a place as torn as Los Santos. In the GTA V universe, you have to kill to survive, seems like Mario won’t have an issue on that end.

Coins. Mario also wont have an issue with collecting coin or money. Spending his whole life, collecting coins, Mario will know the ins and out of how important it is to be in that top 1% in Los Santos. Having the mansion, the private jet, the yacht, and of course, the ladies.

Now the cons:
The guns. Yes, Mario is used to shooting fire balls out of his hands, and throwing turtle shells at enemies but you know the saying “don’t bring a turtle shell to a gun fight”. We aren’t exactly sure how Mario would react to shooting a gun but we do know that Mario has never really seen anyone bleed…they usually just fall off the map and that’s it…doesn’t have to see them suffer, which makes this a con.

The Drugs. To survive in Los Santos, the drug cartel could be your scapegoat to millions. *insert obvious mushroom jokes here* shrooms don’t push in LS, methamphetamines do, and we don’t think Mario has any experience with that side of the world, at least we think.

The Gangs. Mario does wear blue and red and when it comes to gang commitment in Los Santos, you only wear one color. Sorry Mario, but two gangs is your ticket to something A LOT more scarier than a fat fire breathing turtle dragon. Little something called drive-by, heard of it?

Based off the data that has been put together, we strongly believe Mario WOULD survive in Los Santos. Cappy is too strong of a power to look past and collecting coin has been his livelihood.

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