Could Bayek From Assassin’s Creed Origins Defeat Bowser?

What do you think this Could Bayek From Assassin’s Creed Origins Defeat Bowser? video?

Could Bayek From Assassin's Creed Origins Defeat Bowser?

Could Bayek, from Assassin’s Creed Origins, defeat Bowser?
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Assassins Creed has been a series that has placed their assassins in different time eras and locations throughout the years. Whether it was New York, Paris, Rome, or in the new Assassins Creed Origins, Egypt, we know how deadly these assassins can be.
With the new release of Super Mario Odyssey, it had us thinking how Bayek, the assassin in Origins, would do in the Mushroom Kingdom. Could he actually defeat Bowser if need be? Lets look at some statistics and facts and find out.

First, lets take a look at the tale of the tape.

Bayek, to us, looks about 6′ 2″ and probably close to about 175-180 pounds. Regardless of his size, according to multiple Mario fandom websites, they have bowser at 9’3″ and 2,600 pounds.
Obviously an extreme size advantage for super mario’s antagonist.

Next, lets take a look at Bayek’s weapons.

Because Assassins Creed Origins is located in Egypt this year, time era affects the weapon arsenal. With Bayek only having a handful of swords, bow and arrows, and shields, Mario even has more fire-power. Not only does Mario have more fire-power but taking Bowser’s size into consideration and according to Super Mario 64’s model of having to literally toss Bowser into bombs to defeat him, Mario also has ridiculous super-strength that Bayek does not, but we’ll talk about that in second.

Throughout the years defeating bowser hasn’t always been the same. So, what we did, was take 5 of the more popular Mario games, researched how bowser was defeated and then came to a conclusion if Bayek would come out on top.

First, lets look at the classic, Super Mario Bros.
Jumping over Bowser head, pulling a lever, causing the bridge below him to fall, was all it took. Could Bayek accomplish this? Absolutely. With the skill of evasion, this would be a cake walk.

Next, Super Mario World.
If you recall, other than dodging fireballs and bowling balls, bowser would throw mechakoopas aka those little crank toys, from his clown car, and all you had to do was just jump on them and then throw them up in the air back at him. Could Bayek do this? We like to think so.

Super Mario 64.
Like we said before, Mario had to swing bowser, in circles, from his tail, throwing him across a platform into bombs. Is this something Bayek could do? Lift and throw a 2,600 pound enemy from the tail? Probably not.

Next, Super Mario Galaxy.
In this Bowser fight, you literally had to defy gravity as you battled on a planet. Bayek wouldn’t even be able to breath. This is definite NO.

Finally, Super Mario 3D World.
This bowser fight would be Bayek’s greatest advantage because you simply just had to scale a building, avoiding enemies. We all know that THAT is a skill set that every assassin has mastered, making this an EASY YES.

Based off the data that has been put together, we strongly believe Bayek COULD defeat Bowser in most situations. With his evasiveness, speed, and accuracy, Bowser wouldn’t stand a chance in any scenario that is not in space or requires him to be thrown.

Let us know in the comments if you think Bayek COULD defeat Bowser, if you enjoyed, make sure you hit that like button down below, and tell us which games you would like us to combine for next time!

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