Marines Train For Combat On Tactical Decision Kit

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Marines Train For Combat On Tactical Decision Kit

The Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office, in collaboration with the Office of Naval Research, developed the TDK which uses technology that allows Marines and Sailors to train virtually on or off duty, and test their decision-making skills from the barracks.

Marines can use this computing hardware to enhance rapid decision making, employ a competitive training environment that was not previously available, provide hands-on force-on-force training to allow them to operate against a thinking enemy and improve tactical decisiveness in any environment.

The TDK includes:

Augmented Reality: The augmented reality system allows Marines to visualize a variety of terrain to aid in their mission planning and real-time decision-making skills. It enables a group of Marines to conduct virtual briefs and terrain walks while interacting with other Marines in the same virtual environment.

Virtual Battle Space 3: A first-person shooter simulation from the viewpoint of the player that places the Marine in squad- and platoon-level force-on-force scenarios.

Interactive Tactical Decision Game 5: The ITDG 5 system allows the users to create and execute in-depth, customizable TDGs that show second and third order effects of decisions. This enhances Marines’ abilities to create after-action reports, debriefs and digital Sand Table Exercises.

With the TDK, Marines use tools such as drones to perform reconnaissance of the virtual battlespace and gather imagery data they can transform into a terrain model. They view the model using a 3D virtual reality headset and develop the warfighting plan within this environment. Once the plan is formulated and briefed, they can virtually fight each other or on teams against enemy forces using different scenarios and environments.

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