Mexican Border Camping & Marie Kondo: …

This is the February 5, 2019, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:27 President Trump gave his second State of the Union address with a theme of “choosing greatness”

5:10 VICE News goes to the boot heel portion of the border to get to know the people of the border town of Hachita, New Mexico, and see if they think they’re in danger from migrants trying to cross the unwalled portions of the border.

11:21 VICE News looks at the history of blackface in the wake of revelations about Governor Ralph Northam.

13:49 Marie Kondo is championed for being the organizational guru. Some claim her tidying practice has changed their lives. Her consultants go through a 3 day seminar to learn the practice and become professional organizers. This year, Dexter Thomas is joining them.

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