Rwanda Genocide & Topless Teacher Fight: …

This is the April 9, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:02 25 years after a 100-day genocide killed nearly one million people, Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has maintained the peace. But as more and more opposition voices are killed or disappeared, some ask at what cost.

11:12 Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress today for the first time since the Mueller report was finalized.

15:41 The first Q fundraising results are coming in, and they show that some candidates who know how to raise a lot of money from small dollar donations are doing really well, while candidates without a natural large grassroots fundraising base are struggling. It’s a weird new way to judge candidates — is it really what Democrats want?

20:27 Lauren Miranda, a math teacher of good standing at Bellport Middle School was recently fired from her post for a topless selfie she sent to a fellow teacher and ex-boyfriend in 2016. The photo ended up in the hands of a student. Now, Miranda is suing the school district for $3MM.

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