Tornado Tourism & Greece’s New …

This is the July 3, 2019 FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:12 Trump is making July 4th about himself, just another breaking of norms. Typically this is a day we’ve all agreed will be nonpartisan. He’s changing that. Also, there will be tanks.

6:12 The biggest reason for liberals’ success in the Supreme Court was, surprisingly, Neil Gorsuch, who has a well-deserved reputation as a hard-nosed conservative.

8:20 VICE founder Shane Smith sat down with Mitsotakis, who’s leading the polls to become Greece’s next prime minister.

13:03 For as much as $3,500, you can get driven around by storm chasing experts & bask in the furious glory of Mother Nature. That’s the pitch that Tempest Tours makes to people considering buying a seat on one of their storm chasing road trips.

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