2019 Daily Fantasy Football: NFL …

Pat Mayo gets DailyRoto.com’s Mike Leone and Drew Dinkmeyer to walk through their DraftKings NFL research and lineup strategy while identifying the traps to avoid and how they utilize the tools of Daily Roto to enhance their process.

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Show Index

0:22 Giveaways
3:42 Setting Expectations
7:12 Tournament Selection Process
17:19 Lineup Building Strategy & Tips
21:55 Daily Roto Tools
27:19 Selection Your Player Pool
31:41 QBs/Stacks
42:03 DST
47:03 DST/Stacks
48:47 3-Max Strategy
58:16 Single Entry Strategy
59:45 Quick Tips To Win
1:00:32 Pace Stats
1:00:59 Cheap + Chalk RBs
1:02:06 Late Swap
1:05:17 How to Select a Pivot Play
1:06:33 Using Vegas Odds and Player Props
1:09:24 Injured Players
1:12:01 Do Not Do
1:14:03 DraftKings Showdown Strategy

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