Big Trouble On Little Bikes: …

Admit it: hooning around on little motorcycles and scooters is fun. At least Ryan and I think so, anyway. And so it was; the two young pups at MO (well, Ryan anyway) went about dreaming up things to do outside our usual testing regimen. Because, you know, even though we have great jobs, the daily grind gets a little routine at times. After a little internet browsing we discovered the glorious sight of Vespa scooters tackling the Dakar. Yes, that Dakar. Thus, the wheels were set in motion.

No, we didn’t get our hands on any Vespas, and no, we didn’t travel to Africa. But we did dream up a way to have a little fun in our own backyard. Enter the Honda Monkey and Yamaha Zuma. Two little scoots we love ripping around on the street, but both of them have just enough styling to suggest they’d want to be taken off the beaten path.


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