Let’s Go Racing! BMW R …

“Yo Sean! What do you think about racing a BMW R nineT and making a video about it?” I hadn’t heard from my old friend Mike Ngo for a couple of years, but he was still as straight to point as ever. I countered, “What no dinner, drinks, and maybe a movie first? This doesn’t include me buying your R nineT does it Mike?”

Mike has an occasionally successful habit of trying to convince me I really need one of his vehicles in my garage (see my 2009 Piaggio MP3 400) every time his accountant calls to tell him he needs to roll back his vehicle habit.

“No man, I’m trying to put together an American road race spec series for 2020 like what they’re doing in Europe using the BMW R nineT as the platform. I want to create a three-racer team, and I need the world to know about what a blast it is to race a Boxer against your mates. That’s why I’m calling you instead of someone who is actually fast.” Mike sure knows how to flatter a guy. “The plan is to race three rounds of AHRMA culminating with the Barber Vintage Festival this October. You help develop the bike, race it, and DON’T CRASH IT. Then we’ll show the world how much fun it is to race a Boxer-engined BMW and what an awesome platform it is for a new American spec race series.”

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