Great War Supporter Podcast #7

This month’s Patreon supporter podcast episode is free! Jesse and Flo discuss the current topics of The Great War. This month we talk about the Treaty of St. Germain and we have an interview on Japan in 1919.

Please help us make 16 Days in Berlin a reality by coming on board today as a Virtual Production Team member; you’ll get exclusive access to production live streams, behind the scenes footage, and archive material AND you’ll get digital access to the documentary film*.
This reward is going to be like watching the DVD extras whilst the documentary is being made! You’ll get to see day-to-day progress and interact with us throughout our trials and tribulations! It will be a bit like the commenting section on YouTube but you’ll get to look us straight in the eye and see our reaction! You’ll gain insight into the creation process and we’d love you to contribute ideas, too.

*This documentary will NOT be made available on YouTube.

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