Britain’s Brexit Generation Has Run …

It’s been three years, three Prime Ministers and one unlawful suspension of parliament since the UK voted to leave the European Union, and yet little has changed on the Brexit front.

It’s as unpredictable and chaotic as ever.

Despite a historic Supreme Court ruling that found the government’s suspension of Parliament unlawful, Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to press forward with his plan to crash out of Europe on October 31st.

But with Parliament back in action, and heavily scrutinizing the Johnson’s plan, it’s far from clear that a divided commons will be capable of forming majority support around a solution anytime soon.

With Brexit all but guaranteed to grind on indefinitely, we turned our attention to the demographic poised to be most affected by Brexit: Young Brits.

They told us what it’s like growing up in a brexit-world, and, and if they can even remember what life was like before it.

“I can’t really remember a time before the news was absolutely inundated with the brexit stuff,” says Charlie, aged 22. Who like the majority of people his age backed Remain in 2016.

A sense of nihilism about Brexit was also a common thread: “I don’t really engage with it as much because I find it too bleak” said 26-year-old Ella Gordon.

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