2019 Mustang Week to Wicked—1990 …

Day 4 recap. Every project car build has glorious, dramatic days—dropping the engine in place, paint, that sort of thing—but they also have days of small details that are completely void of glamour, but mandatory nonetheless. Most of the day was installing the little stuff under the hood, such as the windshield washer tank, some wiring, etc. The radiator is larger than stock so it took some ingenuity to make it both fit under the hood and clear the Vortech supercharger.

The Derale crew also installed the transmission cooler (after making the cooler lines) and air conditioning condenser. Tomorrow is when the real fun starts. On tap for Day 5 is finishing the cooling system, installing the wheels and tires, TMI will be here to install their custom front and rear seats, the Pioneer stereo will go in, and the Dakota Digital dash will be installed. Then it’s fluids and a few last-minute details and it’s start and drive time! #WeekToWicked #Mustang

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