2019 Mustang Week to Wicked—1990 …

Day 5 recap. It’s Friday, and that means our Week To Wicked project was finished today! When we left off last night, the Derale crew had just left to modify the fan shroud in order for it to fit the tight confines of the engine compartment with the supercharger bolted in place, and they came back this morning to install the BeCool radiator with the Derale fan and shroud. While that was going on, TMI Products delivered the new front and re-upholstered rear seats, dash pad, and door panels and installed them.

The moment of truth came once the fuel system was primed and all the fluids were in. As we all made bets on how many cranks it would take to fire, Mark turned the key and the engine barked to life on the first revolution, to a round of applause from all of us in the shop.

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