Minority Voters Told Us What …

It’s no secret that winning the support of the brown and black community will be key to winning the Democratic nomination in 2020 and the presidential election in November.

This year Hispanic voters will become the largest minority group in the American electorate, so candidates are desperately trying to resonate.

“Tío” Bernie Sanders is betting on Hispanic women to help him win delegate-rich California. The state moved its primary up to Super Tuesday which means voters can start pledging their support to a candidate as soon as the Iowa Caucuses start.

Elizabeth Warren is also courting Latinos with “Soñar en grande, Luchar con todo” signs in San Diego. Both Sanders and Warren are polling well amongst the Latinx community, Sanders’ approval is at 57% while Warren’s approval is at 54%.

But what exactly makes a person of color choose one candidate over the other in such a neck-to-neck run?

We asked minority voters: What are the issues that matter the most to you in 2020?

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