2020 XFL Picks, Season Preview, …

Pat Mayo and Sean Newsham make some 2020 XFL Picks and preview the season, including the betting odds, wonky rules, DraftKings strategy for larger tournaments, depth charts, the viability of the league in the future, and how gambling and fantasy can be tied into the broadcasts.

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0:22 Giveaways
2:55 XFL DraftKings Scoring
6:51 XFL DraftKings Players and Strategy
8:56 2020 XFL Betting Odds
12:05 Viability of the XFL as a League
19:52 2020 XFL Bets
21:27 2020 XFL DraftKings Plays by position
29:51 2020 XFL DraftKings Top Plays
33:01 2020 XFL Schedule Manipulation for GPPs
34:49 2020 XFL TV Broadcasts and Reporting

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