2020 Fantasy Football Rankings — NFL …

Pat Mayo and Jake Ciely recap the first week of 2020 NFL Free Agent Signings and Trades at Quarterback and Tight End, and talk through where those players, and affected players will fall in the 2020 Fantasy Football Rankings.

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Show Index

0:22 Giveaways
2:06 Brady/TB
15:50 Rivers/IND
23:57 XFL guys
26:17 Bridgewater/CAR
33:12 Foles/CHI
36:55 Mariota/LV
42:40 Rest of QB Signings
46:02 Jimmy Graham/CHI
46:57 Austin Hooper
49:37 DJ Moore/WR Rankings
53:44 Hurst
57:07 Olsen
59:17 Jarwin
1:00:31 Henry
1:02:51 Ebron
1:03:51 Witten
1:04:37 Rest of TEs

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