2020 Florida Derby Picks, Exotics, …

Pat Mayo, Cam Stewart and Ben Rasa break down the field, trends and make their picks for the 2020 Florida Derby. Plus, they explain the different type of Exotics Horse Racing Bets and give an early look to the 146th Kentucky Derby. Plus, Cam’s Covid-19 Isolation Lifestyle Tips.

Note: The race could see cancelled because of COVID-19 outbreak

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0:11 Giveaways
1:23 Things We’ve Been Betting On
7:19 2020 Florida Derby
9:53 2020 Florida Derby Picks & Odds
20:17 Explanation of Horse Racing Exotic Bets
22:04 2020 Florida Derby Picks & Exotics
33:31 Kentucky Derby Early Look
38:01 Cam’s COVID-19 Isolation Lifestyle Tips

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