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Food Popularity Picks — Best … | Man Shit Hub

Food Popularity Picks — Best …

Pat Mayo, Geoff Fienberg & Tim Andercust debate their Food Popularity Picks for the DraftKings Sportsbook Poolsa nd explain the rules of the game. The contest is open on DraftKings Sportsbook until 7pm ET on Monday March 30 and is free to play.

Ultimate Fast Food Bracket:

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#FoodPopularity #BestFood #BestPizza


0:22 Giveaways
4:51 Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?
7:57 Is Cereal a soup?
12:52 Best Pizza
14:24 Best Snack Food
19:06 Best Ice Cream
21:54 Best Meal Of The Day
28:04 Best Midnight Snack
29:02 Best Taco Filling
32:30 Best Type of French Fry
37:56 Food Bracket Update
43:30 After The Cust

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