On the Frontline of COVID-19: …

Ed Hope is a Junior Doctor working at an emergency ward at a British hospital who’s been filming his life since the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the nation.

Recently, Ed moved out of his elderly parents’ home in order to protect their health, moving into a residence with his boss Sonia. Is he knackered? Getting there. Is he worried about his family? Obviously. Does he have all the answers? No, he is just one of the hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers battling the Coronavirus around the world, and this is only the beginning.

This is a collaboration with Dr Ed Hope’s own YouTube Channel Dr Hope’s Sick Notes: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMtZt5KQmhCLXiQVRhIgzTg/featured

Thank you to the online collaborative radiology resource Radiopaedia for existing, which allowed us to use its radiographs in this film for education purposes.

Credits of Radiographs from Radiopaedia:
Covid-19 – Case courtesy of Dr Ali Mashalla Åhre; Radiopaedia.org: radiopaedia.org/cases/75037

Normal – Case courtesy of Assoc Prof Frank Gaillard, Radiopaedia.org: radiopaedia.org/cases/8304

Pneumonia – Case courtesy of Dr Sajoscha Sorrentino, Radiopaedia.org: radiopaedia.org/cases/14979

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