That Viral Italian Opera Singer …

You might not know Maurizio Marchini’s name, but you may have seen his work. After Italy went on lockdown, he serenaded his neighborhood from his balcony in Florence, and the video​ of his performance went viral.

Marchini is a professional opera singer, who has sung all over the world – including performing at a private event for John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. But all the concert halls are closed now, so his balcony is his only stage.

For a time, he continued his evening concerts. But soon, he was overwhelmed by the tragedy of the coronavirus epidemic and stopped singing. “My neighbors were worried about me,” he said in an interview with VICE News.

As the most serious days of the pandemic seem to have passed in Italy, Marchini has again resumed his balcony concerts. VICE News spoke to Marchini about his plans for the future.

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