Apex Legends Loba Tips – How …

Season 5: Fortune’s Favor adds playable character Loba to Apex Legends. The teleporting thief offers a new support option to Respawn’s battle royale game. However, instead of keeping her allies alive–like fellow support character Lifeline–Loba assists her squad with finding and securing the best loot.

In the video above, Max Blumenthal and Jordan Ramée talk about Loba and her abilities, as well as how to best use them to benefit her squad. Loba’s passive ability allows her to see and ping epic and legendary loot through walls, her tactical ability lets her teleport, and her ultimate ability gives her squad the opportunity to loot an entire area from one location.

After spending a few days testing her abilities and synergy with other characters, both Max and Jordan agree that she’s a well-balanced character for Apex Legends. Though a powerful addition to the battle royale game, Loba isn’t overpowered–her slow tactical ability and limit on how much she can steal with her ultimate ability keep her firmly in the support class, preventing the addition of yet another dangerous offensive threat. Apex Legends has too many of those already.

Loba isn’t the only new addition to Apex Legends in Season 5–the full list of changes are outlined in the Fortune’s Favor update patch notes. The new season makes several major map changes to Kings Canyon, implements a new battle pass, and adds a new story-focused PvE mode, Quests.

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