2020 Fantasy Football QB Rankings — …

Pat Mayo, Chris Meaney, and Jake Ciely debate the 2020 Fantasy Football QB Rankings and provide Quarterback Player Profiles based off the early average draft positions from Fantasy Football drafts to date.

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WR Profiles Part 4: youtu.be/RX9qyyuXAOA
RB Profiles Part 1: https://bit.ly/20RBADP1Pod
RB Profiles Part 3: https://bit.ly/20RBADP2Pod
RB Profiles Part 3: https://bit.ly/20RBADP3Pod
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Show Index

1:58 Lamar/Mahomes
8:57 Haskins
10:26 Kyler/Dak
18:09 Wilson/Watson
22:39 Ryan/Wentz/Allen/Brady
33:09 Brees/Rodgers/Stafford/Jones
39:07 Big Ben/Baker/Goff/Burrow/Tannehill
42:29 Minshew
46:46 Cam Newton
49:11 Rapid Fire Rest of QBs

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