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The Halo Infinite box art has been revealed, and it looks a lot like Halo: Combat Evolved’s box art. Upon further examination, it also appears that there’s a grappling hook-like device on Master Chief’s arm. Is that alluding to a new traversal mechanic? Hopefully we’ll find out more during the Xbox Series X livestream which begins on Thursday, July 23 at 9AM PT.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon gets a release window and confirmation that a PS5 version is happening. It’s also going to have english voice acting. The game’s been out in Japan since January, but is finally being release worldwide in November for the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It’s coming to the PS5 at a “later date.”

Final Fantasy 14’s free trial is getting a lot bigger with its 5.3 patch coming August 11. The patch will add Heavensward to the free trial, including endgame content that leads into the following expansion, Stormblood.

And hey, while you’re here, GameSpot launched its own merch store. Until the end of August, all the proceeds will be split between Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief.

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