Halo Infinite – Everything You Need …

The latest game in the long running Halo franchise has made its gameplay debut at Xbox’s July Games Showcase. We got 8 full minutes of gameplay along with a brand new trailer and plenty of interviews with developer 343.

In this video we compile all the details we know about the game into one super video for your convenience. We breakdown all the story details, such as the game’s main villain, War Chief Escharum, who is the leader of the Banished. We dive into how the game is structured and what exactly the upgrade tab on the menu is for. And of course we tally up all the new and returning weapons you’ll get your hands on.

Halo Infinite is set to be a launch title for Microsoft’s brand new Xbox Series X later this fall. It will also be playable on the Xbox One line of consoles as well as PC. Yes, even steam. Make sure to come back to GameSpot for even more news on Halo Infinite.

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