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Call of Duty season 5 is finally here! That means new operators, weapons and of course- awesome moments to behold! The CoD community is already testing the strength of the new train, flooding the newly opened stadium, and picking on the returning Juggernauts. Here’s a breakdown of our top 5 moments for the first week of August.

Our first clip is from Reddit user CommanderKittyPwn. Juggernauts have returned to Warzone (for now) and Commander and his crew aren’t welcoming them back with open arms. His entire squad is able to pin the jug in a doorway using their riot shields. Once he’s pinned, the squad unloads their weapons and melee away until he’s down. Next up is a clip from RilesJenkins on Reddit. After a loadout drop falls onto the blades of his helicopter, he tries to juggle it to get it to fall off. Unfortunately, this backfires and destroys his helicopter, downing him in the process.

Our next clip is from GammonRod on Reddit, who tries to make a friend on the battlefield. Surprisingly, it works! The pair drive around, honking their horns and sharing loadouts. Unfortunately, Gammon’s new friend accidentally uses a pit maneuver on his SUV- flipping them both around and causing Gammon to squish his new friend. Gone but never forgotten…

Stopping the new train is impossible right? BoldWarrior14 and his friends attempt to find out. Using 4 of the biggest cargo trucks, the crew blocks the train’s path in hopes to debunk this mystery. As expected, the train plows through all four trucks without even slowing down. Nice try anyway, boys! Last but not least is InFinZible from Reddit, who faces death by an RPG. In the middle of a sniper battle, an RPG comes careening towards him and his friend. Thank goodness he had a trophy system set up, because that would have been a direct hit!

– “No Luv for the Jug” clip by Reddit user CommanderKittyPwn

– “Careless Package” clip by Reddit user RilesJenkins

– “4-Wheelin’ Friends” clip by Reddit user GammaRod

– “Stop That Train” clip by Reddit user BoldWarrior14

– OMGRPG clip by Reddit user InFinZible

00:11 – Number 5 – No Luv For the Jug
00:33 – Number 4 – The Care(less) Package
00:58 – Number 3 – The 4-Wheelin’ Friends
01:34 – Number 2 – Stop That Train!
02:21 – Number 1 – OMG RPG
03:08 – Bonus Submission Clip

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