Marvel’s Avengers: Which Hero Is …

Marvel’s Avengers is out now, featuring six superheroes to choose from. Kamala Khan, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America all play totally differently from one another, so choosing which hero is right for you takes a bit of time.

The video above should help you make that decision, as Tony breaks down each hero’s fighting style. Iron Man and Thor can rain down power from the sky, while The Hulk and Black Widow like to get up close and personal. All six heroes have a range of special abilities to level enemies and buff their stats too.

For more Avengers coverage, you can check out our early review impressions. If you’re wondering how long the game’s campaign takes to beat, we’ve got that answer too.

00:13 – Kamala Khan
1:01 – The Hulk
1:38 – Iron Man
2:12 – Black Widow
2:49 – Thor
3:37 – Captain America

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