7 Games That Were Something …

Games are hard to make and don’t always get released with their original vision intact. From Assassin’s Creed to Donkey Kong, here are 7 games that you might not know used to be something else entirely.

00:00 Intro
00:21 Assassin’s Creed was Prince of Persia
01:38 Halo was an RTS
02:35 Devil May Cry was originally Resident Evil 4
03:18 Donkey Kong was Popeye
03:58 Splinter Cell was pitched as a Bond game
04:54 Borderlands’ original art style was very… anti-Borderlands
05:32 The original plans for BioShock were wild

BioShock originally began life as a very ambitious game about a cult deprogrammer, with an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that would see you play as a monster in another player’s story mode. Assassin’s Creed was originally a follow up to Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time, and its name used to be Prince of Persia: Assassins, before the Prince was dropped completely.

There are countless more examples, and the video above explores 7 games that were something else entirely.

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