2020 Kawasaki Z900 Review

Following last Friday’s critically acclaimed 2020 BMW F900R vs Kawasaki Z900 comparison vid, one disgruntled Youtuber commented: Never understood comparison videos. Why not just review the bikes individually? You will always annoy people and everyone disagrees. Both bikes are good but are different, some like Kawasaki some like BMW and… well, it digressed from there.

But not before giving us the brilliant idea, why don’t we review bikes individually?! Great idea. So, Sean Matic and I rushed out to film this stand-alone one of the Z900.

I kid. We actually shot this one way back in May, but technical difficulties shunted it onto a sidetrack, then other more important things kept pushing it to the back of Matic’s queue. At last the wait is over, and I’ll apologize up front if it more or less repeats all my favorite things I already pointed out about the Z in last week’s vid – and leaves out some things I didn’t learn until after. And the sound is kinda weird, which was the original problem. And, oh, never mind. Watch it if you wanna, but I think we can all agree print remains my forte, sorry.

Spoiler alert: The 2017 Z900 was MO’s Best Standard of the Year, in that year, and the 2020 only improves upon it. It’s a very tough act for any $8,999 bike to follow, much less beat.

Read the full story here: www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/kawasaki/2020-kawasaki-z900-abs-first-ride-review.html


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