New AMD Radeon Card Revealed …

The new AMD Radeon RX 6000 has been revealed. If you want a closer look at it, you’ll have to boot up Fortnite. AMD tweeted out a code for Fortnite’s Creative mode, which you can use to visit the official AMD island and see a full render of the graphics card.

Speaking of Fortnite, it’s crossing over with Rocket League – which is going free-to-play next week. Rocket League’s F2P launch is next Wednesday, September 23rd. which is also the launch of Rocket League on the Epic Games Store. These launches are happening alongside a new Fortnite crossover event, called LlamaRama.

Finally, we’ve got a new update on the development of Undertale’s sequel, Deltarune. Toby Fox, lead developer on Undertale, has been hard at work on Chapter 2 of Deltarune, which he says is about 80% complete.

00:00 – Intro
00:16 – New AMD Card Revealed In Fortnite
00:57 – Rocket League Free-To-Play & Fortnite Crossover Coming Next Week
01:24 – Undertale Developer Gives Deltrarune Update
01:58 – Outro

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