Braindance: The VR Drug of …

Here’s the story behind one of Cyberpunk’s most addictive and useful forms of technology.

What if you could relive moments of someone else’s life? Imagine you could see what they see, touch what they touch, and feel what they feel, all from the comfort of your own home In Cyberpunk 2077 this kind of tech exists, and it’s called Braindance.

In this video, Jake Dekker looks back on the history of one of Cyberpunk 2077’s most popular forms of entertainment, Braindance. Although Braindance shares some minor similarities with VR headsets, the technology couldn’t be more different. Unlike virtual reality, BD can engage all five senses by stimulating your brain in a variety of ways. This results in a fully immersive experience that lets you live out scripted moments as someone else. While the most obvious use for this tech is *cough* porn, it was originally used to rehabilitate convicted criminals. But like all revolutionary technology, it became a crucial part of culture and its uses extended far beyond just those two things.

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