Xbox Series X Unboxing Video …

On today’s Save State, Persia talks about an Xbox Series X unboxing video that surfaced on YouTube, new Miles Morales footage posted on Insomniac’s Instagram, and a mini Dreamcast that could possibly be on its way.

In this video, Persia talks about an early unboxing video of the Xbox Series X that surfaced this morning. The video shows off the exterior and interior of the box, the console, the controller, and the accessories. Another image found on Reddit showcased a retail-looking room with stacks of Xbox Series X boxes ready to be shipped. The Series X and S launch on November 10th.

Persia also goes over the new details from Insomniac’s Instagram that tell us more about Spier-Man: Miles Morales. A Daily Bugle article talks about the city watching Miles train along the rooftops with Peter Parker. This tells us that Miles will have familiarity with his abilities before the game starts and Peter Parker could have a significant role in the game as Miles’ mentor. We also got our first look at Miles’ trademark hoodie costume, the same outfit he wore in Into the Spiderverse.

Lastly, Persia talks about a Dreamcast mini that could possibly be in the works. In a Famitsu interview translated by Siliconera, Sega creative producer Yosuke Okunari talked about the company’s mini consoles and said, “For the next Mini, we are considering everything that has been imagined by everyone. If I have to say some names, it could be an SG-1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini.” The original Dreamcast was home to Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and many more.

This is your Save State for Monday, October 12th.

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