Derwin James vs. The World | …

This week’s show is basically a collection of Pro Bowl level talent.

King of the Hill
Jerry Jeudy vs. CeeDee Lamb
It’s the final matchup in the NFL Rookies bracket of King of the Hill.

Henry Ruggs III sat on top of the hill for the entire season until Jeudy came into the scene. Now, CeeDee Lamb, another explosive WR making waves in the NFL, is locked-in and ready to take on Jeudy. The winner is named the official NFL Rookies Madden 21 King of the Hill.

Derwin James vs. The World
Derwin has been tossing aside competition all season long. But now, he has some NFL caliber talent to deal with.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, Super Bowl champ, and speedster extraordinaire, Tyreek Hill picks up the sticks to take on Derwin this week. Like many others, Tyreek has played Derwin in Madden … and it didn’t go well.

Will the elite WR get his revenge, or will the rivalry set Derwin loose a bring in a flood? We’ll just have to see.


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